Fan News Spring '24


Will be setting up a couple of YouTube things from our Largo shows this year. We're recording ...

Haiku for my fans:

When the Big One Hits:
I'll die eating three bean salad With my fat legs And my crippled dog

Judy is also back to writing her book.

Stay tuned for updates on Judy and Craig new live shows.

Latest news in Judy's press page...

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JUDY HENSKE: BIG JUDY How Far this music goes

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Read the HARP Magazine reveiw.
Henske Gets "Big Judy" Treatment from Rhino Handmade....

I don't want people to call me a "folk pioneer". It's as if I were Ward Bond or Willa Cather crossing the burning desert with my yoke of oxen and a cast iron kettle.

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Craig Doerge

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Named by Dave Marsh to his list of "Rock & Roll's Thirty Greatest Keyboard Players" Craig Doerge's keyboard skills have been enjoyed on countless albums - for such diverse artists as Linda Rondstadt, Carly Simon, Donovan, The Temptations, Mimi Farina, Willie Nelson, Barbra Streisand, and Frank Zappa & The GTO's, to name a few.

As a performer, Doerge (rhymes with "Fergie") is best known for his keyboard work with CROSBY STILLS & NASH, JAMES TAYLOR, and JACKSON BROWNE; having earned 21 gold and platinum albums from these three acts alone. His piano skills have played a leading role on such hit records as: "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight", "The Pretender", "Rock Me on The Water", "Running On Empty, "Just A Song Before I Go", "Load Out-Stay", "Shadow Captain", "Wind On The Water", "Dark Star", and "World in Motion". Craig's own fusion band, THE SECTION (Russ Kunkel-drums, Lee Sklar-bass, and Dan Kortchmar- guitar) made three albums and attained some cult status while touring with the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Both in the studio and on the road, as a mainstay in the bands of James Taylor, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Jackson Browne, he's performed for millions of concert fans throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Orient. He's appeared on The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, No Nukes, David Letterman, and the much maligned Solid Gold , featuring the equally maligned Solid Gold Dancers.

He toured the Far East with Simon & Garfunkel (in '93 with Paul's Graceland band) and more recently, the USA with Eagles guitar star, Joe Walsh.

As a songwriter, Craig started writing songs with Judy Henske in the 60's soon after arriving in Hollywood from Ohio. Those early songs they wrote together led to better songs they wrote together and that led to Craig's being signed by Columbia Records as a solo artist in 1974. Along the way he has scored music for movies, (Robert Altman's production of Robert Young's "Rich Kids", a piece in Sharon Stone's epic "Sliver", Donald Jackson's infamous "Roller Blade Seven", and the surf classic, "Pacific Vibrations")

Among his awards are two "Grammies", (one in '83 for a song written with Paul Williams in the Lena Horne Tony winning show, and a nomination in '92 for best contemporary folk song (World in Motion, co-written with Jackson Browne and sung by Pop Staples on his album by the same title) In 1990, Craig was chosen by the National Academy of Songwriters to be a featured performer at their Fifth Annual Salute to the American Songwriter. Craig recently produced the highly acclaimed new album Loose in the World with his long time collaborator and wife, JUDY HENSKE, with whom he is currently writing, recording and performing. - David Hollington -