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"She's beyond all categories except "legendary" and "great"- Dave Marsh, Playboy Magazine "...the most brilliant act God has allowed down here on earth" - Eve Babitz, SMART Magazine

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She Sang California
My new CD (Dec 04)
She Sang California is life and death as 13 short subjects - smoky, rasty, torchy, rueful, kickass, never look back and ever-look-back.

A damaged life is a life worth singing about - JH.



Loose In The World
The return of ME! Contains Mad Dog Killer, Tin Star, Dark Angel and Tiki Tiki Gumdrop, etc. - JH

Tower Records says "a staggeringly good collection of songs."



"Here is the long-awaited FAREWELL ALDEBARAN. I am very proud of this this record. It has beautiful arrangements and melodies. At the time I was enthralled with the Oxford Book of English Verse. These lyrics reflect that enchantment"-JH



The Death-Defying Judy Henske
Did you ever wake up in an asylum? Did you ever recognize your fellow inmates as people with whom you had just performed an album? If this has never happened to you and you would like to share that 'piquant feeling - BUY THIS ALBUM. They gave us too much money and too many musicians and little by little we all went insane.


Here is the long-awaited Rosebud album at last! Reprise/Warner's had great hopes for this band. Unfortunately, fate reared its ugly head and the band suffered an explosive breakup from which it never recovered. Beautiful songs written by Jerry Yester, Craig Doerge and Judy Henske - with dazzling vocal arrangments by Jerry Yester and powerful swinging rhythm track arrangments by Craig Doerge. A brilliant amalgamation of pop/folk and rock. - JH


Judy Henske
This contains The Salvation Army Song, Hooka Tooka, Little Romy, and many others. This is the album with zany comedy intros and a big band on five cuts. My first Elektra album. THIS IS GOOD... AND I STAND BY MY WORK - JH


High Flying Bird
My second Elektra album - more folky than the first, and made famous by the Billy Ed Wheeler song sung by me. Guitars here, guitars there, guitars everywhere... plus high drama and some low drama too. Great liner notes by Shel Silverstein. - JH

Judy Henske (Official Bootleg)
A rare edition made from my two-track masters of JUDY HENSKE. The sound quality is way more 'present, more analog sounding, and EXCITING, than the corporate digital copy. Contains THE SAME material, plus has some never before seen pictures of me on stage & in 8th grade in Chippewa Falls. This is REALLY good! and I stand by my work. - JH

Dave Guard & The Whiskey Hill Singers
My first stepping out for a major label. Contains the molten vocal solo of Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, by ME! A lot of people really like this album. Dave Guard put a lot into it - some of the arrangments went into the movie How the West Was Won. Every person in this group was very, very talented. - JH


Craig Doerge
This is Craig's solo album for Columbia Records. Digitally remastered in '95. Lots of great players on this CD. I'm singing some backgrounds and we wrote all the songs together. Contains our most covered song as writers,Yellow Beach Umbrella, the marvelous Dogs Are The Only Real Christians and Raggedy Ann, (featuring Ray Brown & Harry "Sweets" Edison on trumpet). - JH

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