Fan News Spring '24


Will be setting up a couple of YouTube things from our Largo shows this year. We're recording ...

Haiku for my fans:

When the Big One Hits:
I'll die eating three bean salad With my fat legs And my crippled dog

Judy is also back to writing her book.

Stay tuned for updates on Judy and Craig new live shows.

Latest news in Judy's press page...

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JUDY HENSKE: BIG JUDY How Far this music goes

I love this new Rhino collection. You can get it yourselves only at Rhino Handmade. Order

Read the HARP Magazine reveiw.
Henske Gets "Big Judy" Treatment from Rhino Handmade....

I don't want people to call me a "folk pioneer". It's as if I were Ward Bond or Willa Cather crossing the burning desert with my yoke of oxen and a cast iron kettle.

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The success of Loose In The World has been a real shot in the arm for me and Craig as songwriters and a performing team. Our song, Tin Star and Mag Dog Killer have now made it to an off-Broadway show and Tiki Tiki Gum Drop has developed a cult following among children too young to speak and verify this. - JH

Tower Records Reviews Loose In The World
Judy Henkse's first solo album since 1967. 2000's Loose In The World is such a staggeringly good collection of songs that it's impossible not to wonder what took her so long. Henkse's voice, an impossibly deep and sensuous instrument, sounds as good as it did in the 60's, if not better, and her songs blend folk, blues, jazz, and pop into a compelling whole. Remarkable the growling Mad Dog Killer and giddily silly Tiki Tiki Gumdrop sound of a piece in Henske's world, and the album's sole non-original blues standard Betty & Dupree, slots in perfectly next to the Henke-Doerge originals, Loose In The World is a most remarkable comback.